My name is Patrick Askani, High-End Retoucher specialized in Editorials, Beauty Fashion, Products and Hair.

Currently based in Mannheim, Germany.

I used to work as a photographer. By editing my own images I was dragged more and more into the world of retouching and ultimately shifted my focus to retouching.

Every image is a project in itself for me. Working closely with the client in order to reach the communication goal while keeping the personality and uniqueness of the photographer's style.

We all want to create an image which is perfect and that only can be achieved by understanding the media it´s going to be presented on and it´s target

I don't just offer retouching services I keep the client involved of the process and delivering in time and form


Worked with:

Kendra Storm Rae
Judith Bender
Verena Mandragora
Weronika Mamot
Veronica Formos
Jennifer Le Claire
Magdalena Nizol DeLong

Salysé Magazine
Odine Magazine
Lucy´s Magazine
Huf Magazine
Sarta Magazine
Pump Magazine
Jute Magazine
Xiox Magazine
Imirage Magazine
Ellements Magazine
Elegant Magazine
Sheeba Magazine
Volant Magazine
Clients / Cooperation:
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